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Termite Baiting May Not Work On Active Termites

Termite bait systems are not the cure-all. Termites cannot be lured to the bait stations but must find them on their own during normal food-gathering activities. Termite companies charge a high fee to install the system, requiring monthly maintenance to be effective. If termite activity already exists, there is no guarantee that it won’t continue even with the bait stations because the termites still must find the bait. It is possible that it could draw another colony of termites that had not previously seen a home. Termites are attracted to the protein in the wood of your house. The standard issue among all termites is they are always looking for high moisture content. You should keep your home as moisture free as possible by grading the land around the house to allow for drainage and ensuring roof drainage is carried away from the house. More on this website @

Termite baiting uses small amounts of material that is returned to the termite nest and destroys as many termites as possible. The bait is paper or cardboard with a slow-acting substance lethal to termites. The problem is that the appeal must be something that the termites would rather eat than your home. The poison has to be slow-acting enough that the termites do not die around the bait but instead go back to the colony. Since termites cannot smell or see the tricks, baiting stations must be placed at fixed intervals or 10 to 20 feet so that they can wander into them while foraging for more food. Termite companies have a higher profit incentive with the baiting systems because the stations are cheap, and installation labor is unskilled. Plus, they have monthly ongoing maintenance charges to collect. They can also sell other products, such as home pest control spraying. Since termite baiting is a new product, it will be some time before an accurate comparison can be made with traditional termite treatments. A homeowner hammering bait into the ground will not accomplish anything.

Installation locations and monitoring by a responsible pest control firm will be required to find the suitable places that are most effective. For homes with current termite activity, sub-surface pesticides will give faster and more effective control of the termite problem. Everyday barrier chemicals are not as effective as those banned in the 1980s but using the chemical barrier and baiting traps in combination may be your best solution.

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