In recent years, there have been more and more businesses popping up which allows customers to rent RVs for vacations. Rather than having to commit to purchasing an RV and all that entails, you can simply rent one for however long you need it and then return it after the trip. On the surface, there is a lot to like about this plan. But, does it really work as good as it sounds? In order to decide if renting an RV is a good idea for you and your family, you will need to consider a few different elements. As with any consumer decision, there are both pros and cons to be found with renting an RV. In the end, you will have to decide which side wins out, and if renting an RV is something you could benefit from.Coastal Breeze RV Resort in Rockport Texas

Renting Can Be a Good Intro to the RV Lifestyle

If you are someone who has never traveled in an RV or haven’t since you were a child, renting an RV can be a good option to get a little experience and find out how much you like it. It would be pretty risky to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new RV without even knowing how much you will enjoy using it, so renting could be a good way to start. You will be able to enjoy a short trip for limited financial investment, and find out what you and your family think of this mode of vacationing. If you find that you enjoy it, you can start to consider the possibility of purchasing your own RV down the road. If not, you will have only spend a relatively small amount of money, and you can move on to other kinds of travel.

It Gets Expensive Quickly

For those who already know they enjoy RV traveling, renting a rig can get expensive in a hurry. While you might think that you would be better off just renting an RV for the one or two trips a year that you want to take, the math will quickly show you otherwise. When you start to add up not only the rental fee for the RV but also all the other related expenses, you will see that it is no bargain if you are going to do it on a regular basis. When you purchase an RV, you have the possibility of recouping some of that purchase price when you decide to sell it later on. That is not the case with a rental – once you pay for the rental RV trip, that money is spent and it’s not coming back.

No Sense of Ownership

Part of the allure of traveling in an RV is that you can feel like part of the home is coming along with you for the trip. You can appoint your own RV with a variety of decorations and touches that remind you of home, and you will get more and more comfortable with your RV as you take more and more trips. That won’t be the case in a rental. Basically, you will be traveling in a hotel room on wheels, and space will feel generic and unfamiliar. That isn’t to say that you can’t have fun on a trip in a rental RV, because you can – but it will never be the same as traveling in your own rig.Costal breeze rv park - clubhouse

Consider it for Unique Opportunities

There are certain places – such as National Parks for example – that often don’t have hotel rooms available for you to stay in. If you want to visit these places and see everything that they have to offer, you might need to camp in either an RV or a tent. To avoid having to tent camp, renting an RV may be a perfect solution. If you don’t think you will want to RV travel on a regular basis but would love to see one or two specific destinations, opting for the rental option might be the right call.

For most people, renting an RV is a good option only on a limited basis, and for special occasions. If you are going to RV on even a semi-regular basis, it will likely be to your benefit to purchase an RV rather than paying rental fees for each trip. Unless you are just getting started in RV’ing and wish to experience what it is all about without committing to a purchase, renting an RV is just too expensive to make sense in the long run.

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Some Things Have No Value At Auction, Some Things Have No Value Anywhere.

Auctioneers deal with a lot of normal everyday stuff. We run an auction company and for every $100,000 plus a vintage comic book I have ever sold, I have sold 100,000 almost worthless things. OK, some of them wound up having worth (but not much) because for one reason or another someone paid me for them. I may have had to put them into boxes, and grouped up a bunch of the boxes to sell them. At some point, someone wants you to move on and will pay you $2.50 for the group-O-boxes so you will quit yammering, get on with it, and go sell what they came for.
We conducted an auction a few years ago. We had a good crowd and the sale went fine, and we had a treadmill in the basement. A big, heavy almost worthless treadmill. I sold it for waaaaay more than I normally get for a treadmill and thought we did great. In fact, whenever I tell another auctioneer that I once sold a used treadmill for $375 they don’t believe me, it’s like some sort of treadmill world record I think. The owner thought otherwise. It started me thinking about a TV show that needs to be produced “The Common Crap Road Show.” It might look like this…..

In a large room, people wait patiently in line clutching their “treasures”, things like Wheaties boxes from the ’90s, new baseball cards, comic books from 2010, etc. The walls behind them are draped with banners saying things like National Geographic/Readers Digest, Avon, and Bennie Babies! Under the banner marked Exercise Equipment, the expert is just starting to talk to Bob. Let’s listen in.

Expert: “Well Bob, why don’t you tell us about your item?” Bob: “I have a great treadmill. It’s like brand new, I got it right after Christmas and only used it once.”

Expert: “Yes you and 2 million other people purchased one of these, it is the Jogger 2010 the best selling treadmill of all time. It is as common as a treadmill gets! In fact, it may be the most common piece of exercise equipment ever. So, what do you think it is worth?” Bob: “I was hoping at least $1,500 because that is what I paid for it last December.”

Expert: “Well Bob, I have a copy of your receipt and it appears you only paid $1,400 for it and that included their “free” delivery. Bob, you realize of course that 1) you paid only $1,400 for this treadmill, not $1,500, and 2) that included an industry-standard $200 delivery fee, right?” Bob: “But that was a year ago, it should be worth more now. The new ones cost more, shouldn’t mine be worth more not too?

Expert: “It doesn’t work that way, Bob. Do you own a car?” Bob: “Sure, I think almost everyone owns a car.” Expert: “When you bought your new car, did it go up in price or down.” Bob: “Well, down, but this is different, this is a treadmill, not a car!”

Expert: “Right you are Bob, people need cars. A treadmill provides its user with the same thing that they have without a treadmill. They can walk and run, only now the can do it on a thing that takes up a lot of space, is incredibly heavy and loses value faster than fireworks.” Bob: “You mean my treadmill is no longer worth $1,600?”
Expert: “No, Bob I’m afraid that in its current location (here in a large hall full of silly people who buy wrong, but with easy access to overhead doors) and its current condition I’d say your treadmill is worth $300, but if you take it home and put it in your garage it might be worth $50 to $75 but back in your basement it is worth perhaps $5 on a good day. Remember most people who want a treadmill need exercise and are out of shape so they can’t get one of these monsters up the steps.” Host, well that’s all the time we have today, join us next time when we will showcase a collection of used sleeper sofas!

By the way, the store that posted the picture of the worthless Avon bottle on Pinterest to try and drive traffic to their online store is now out of business. Not to worry, a quick check turned up another optimist over at Etsy with the same car (only this one has its cap!) and it’s only $7, but you better hurry before they go out of business too.

1. Are you browsing for residential San Antonio electrical contractors?
2. Do you need support with breaker boxes or meter bases?
3. Interested in surge protection, lighting, or even home improvements?

There is no Electrical duty that is too huge or small for San Antonio electrical contractors.
Call us today to learn how we can help with your residential electrician needs or fill out our online request form to hear from San Antonio electrical contractors.residential electricians

-Ordinary Services Offered
-Need a Second Opinion
-Electrical System
-Home Safety Checks

If you are in need of San Antonio electrical contractors or just someone to help you with those electrical jobs you need done, then you can chose from our many electrical handyman services. Here is a list of the more common electrical jobs we receive:

* Rewiring
* New sockets hooked up where there was none or replace aged sockets
* Security lights put in
* Innovative Lighting Designs- New lights fitted like spotlights
* Alarms hooked up
* CCTV put in
* Garden light and power
* Replacement fittings and fixtures
* Kitchen & Bathroom Electrics
* Cooker installation & extractor fans
* Doorbells fitted
* Extension wiring
* Garage wiring
* Attic conversion wiring
* Fuse box upgrades

We also do the full testing certification, this should be done in homes every ten yrs.


Electrical Wiring

The majority of electrical fires result from troubles with “fixed wiring” like faulty electrical outlets and aged wiring. Troubles with cords and plugs, like extension and electrical device cords, also cause many home electrical fires.electrical services

In the San Antonio area, faulty wiring accounts for 33% of residential electrical fires.
Countless stoppable electrical fires can even be traced to misuse of electric cords, for instance, overloading circuits, poor maintenance, and running the cords beneath rugs or in high traffic areas.

Home Appliances

The home appliances most often implicated in electrical fires are electric stoves and ovens, dryers, central heating units, televisions, radios, and record players.

San Antonio Electrical Contractors Safety Precautions
-Routinely safety tests your home appliances and wiring.
-Tattered wires can produce fires. Change out all damaged, old or broken appliance cords at once.
-Use electrical extension cords intelligently and don’t overload them.
-Store electrical appliances from moist flooring and counters; pay particular mind to electrical appliances in the bathroom and kitchen.
-When buying electrical appliances inspect for products evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory
-Do not permit kids to play around with electrical appliances such as space heaters, curling iron, and hair dryers.
-Keep clothing, curtains, and other likely combustible items a minimum of three ft from all heaters.
-If an appliance has a 3 prong plug, use it only in a 3-slot outlet. In no way force it to fit into a two-slot outlet or extension cord.
-On no account overload extension cords or wall sockets. Immediately shut off, then professionally swap out, light switches that are hot to the touch and lights that sputter.
-Utilize protection closures to “child-proof” electrical outlets.
-Check your electrical tools habitually for signs of wear and tear. If the cords are unraveled or cracked, change out them. Substitute any tool if it creates even minor electrical shocks, overheats, shorts out or gives off smoke or sparks. more here @

San Antonio Electrical Contractors Home Safety Checks
After completion of each duty, your electrician will carry out a FREE Home Safety Check to make sure your dwelling is free of hazards and up to code.

San Antonio Electrical Contractors Inspection contains:
-Your San Antonio electrical contractors will inspect your breaker box and tighten connections
-We inspect your meter base and guarantee proper grounding
-We guarantee good G.F.C.I protection in required areas
-Your San Antonio electrical contractors will visually check the wiring in your attic
-CO detectors and smoke alarms will be tested and batteries replaced if required at a cost of $0 (ceilings under 12ft)
-Wiring hazards, hanging fixtures, or anything your San Antonio electrical contractors find that might be injurious to you or your family will be brought to your attention.


Let our San Antonio Electrical Contractors handle any of your lighting wishes
Track Lighting
Fluorescent lighting
Ceiling fans
Under-cabinet lighting
Can lights
Outdoor lighting
Floods- security around your home
Attic lighting

Need another Opinion from San Antonio electrical contractors?

Listen, we recognize that spending thousands of dollars can be unforeseen. We urge getting a second opinion for any sizeable job. Maybe a 3rd opinion is a decent idea. Upgrading or adding to your existing electrical system is a major decision.

Here are three chief things when comparing estimates San Antonio Electrical Contractors
Are all estimates for the exact same work. You need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
Check warranty information. How long a company stands behind their work is often good for decision making.
Are all estimates pretty close in cost We do have an industry common cost for electrical work? Bids that look as if to be extremely elevated ought to really be examined closely.
There are many companies working illegally lacking insurance, licenses, or a Master Electrician who charge particularly reduced prices. There are also agencies who charge 3X the normal asking price of work and anticipate you pay because you don’t know any better. If you do have any questions, please call us and San Antonio electrical contractors will be happy to help out.